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LGBTQ Wedding Dress Alterations & Preservation

Find the best wedding dress alterations and preservation services for LGBTQ couples near you. Choose your vendor by location, past experience and customer reviews. Find the best same-sex wedding dress alterations and preservation services in your area.

Advice From EVOL.LGBT

How to choose an LGBTQ wedding dress alterations and preservation vendor?

Search for Vendors in your Area

Alright, you need a dress altered or preserved. Let’s start with a search for professionals near you.

Understand the Options

When considering your dress alteration and preservation vendor options, think about cost, packages they offer, reviews they have.

Start a Conversation

Once you found 2-3 vendors, reach out to them to confirm your dates and check if there’s a fit. Reliable vendors answer fast and communicate in professional manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check answer to common questions about choosing LGBTQ wedding dress alterations and preservation services.

How much does it cost to alter a wedding dress?

On average, typical wedding dress alterations cost between $150 and $600. If you’re customizing your gown or modernizing your mother’s dress, it may be up to $1,000. Some bridal boutiques may charge you a flat fee, while other seamstresses may charge you for individual alteration services.

How much does it cost to preserve a wedding dress?

In 2021, the current average cost to preserve a wedding gown is between $240 – $285. For best results, find a dry-cleaner who uses virgin solvent for cleaning wedding gowns. Some professional cleaners may use either dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning, depending on the gown fabric.

How long do wedding dress alterations take?

Most dresses could technically be altered within 24 hours, but this is not ideal, you don’t want rushed work. The entire process is typically done in two to three fittings, the first of which lasts up to an hour. You should discuss all details with your atelier to be ready.

When should I get my wedding dress altered?

We recommend coming in for your fitting two months in advance, but not less than 1 month before to have your dress altered. Then, because everyone is trying to lose weight, we suggest having your final fitting no earlier than two weeks before the wedding.