Your LGBTQ+ Wedding Community

Gilbert Baker’s rainbow Gay Pride Flag is one of many created over the years to represent LGBTQ people and liberation. Individual communities within the LGBTQ spectrum (lesbian, bisexual, transgender and others) have created their own flags and in recent years, variations on Baker’s rainbow have also become more prominent. “We invest in flags the role of being the single most important icon to represent our countries, our states and our cities, our organizations and our groups,” says vexillologist Ted Kaye, who is also the secretary of North American Vexillological Association. “There’s something about the fabric waving in the air that stirs people.” In light of ongoing conversations about Baker’s flag and whom it represents, here is a guide to flags to know in the LGBTQ community.

Wake up call, spring is time for love and for new events in your LGBTQ pride calendar. Last year was rough but it doesn’t mean we forgot about some our supremely important and really bright meetings. That’s what for now officially scheduled in USA for this spring LGBTQ pride.06 MAR 2021 – 07 MAR 2021Pride […]