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Looking for “LGBT friendly jewelers near me”? Browse gay jewelry stores by location, past experience and customer reviews. Find the best pride wedding bands and ring sets in your area.

Advice From EVOL.LGBT


Finding your perfect rings starts with knowing the style of your pride wedding rings. Be it engagement or wedding rings for lesian or gay weddings, this process will help you find the right wedding jeweler in your area.

Start With Your Inspiration

At this stage look for LGBT jewelry inspiration. Check your family and friends photos. Review gay celebrity weddings. Search Pinterest for pride engagement rings. Ask your LGBTQ community for input.

Pay attention to ring pairing. Wedding ring designs that compliment one another make all the difference. Clip the images of gay and lesbian couples with great ring pairings.

Don’t want your rings to be “like everyone else’s”? Searching for “unique wedding ring ideas” will give you plenty of inspiration.

Document your findings. Create a mood board of jewelry pieces you love. Add links, pictures, stories behind rings, etc. to your collection. It will help you in talking to wedding jewelers.

Understand the Options

Now that you have a general idea of LGBTQ wedding rings you’re looking for, it’s time to explore jewelers in your area. Google “wedding jewelers near me”, check the map to find closest to you.

Using this shortlist, check the stores’ business descriptions, customer reviews and product photos. A jeweler might be friendly to same sex couples but may not carry LGBTQ rings. So, find if the store carriers gay-friendly inventory.

Keep in mind different types of wedding jewelry: promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, stainless steel, pride flag bands and fine jewelry pieces.

Consider the price range (i.e. under $500, over $1000), metal (white, yellow, rose gold, platinum, damascus steel, titanium, etc.) and design options (diamond or gemstone, vintage, classic, contour, infinity, etc.).

Start a Conversation

Previous step should leave you with a handful of LGBTQ jewelry stores in your area. Now is the time to start reaching out to them. Use our “Request Quote” feature, which walks you through the key pieces of info to share.

When talking or meeting with the wedding jewelry stores consider asking about the design, price and availability options for engagement and wedding rings. Many stores will have large catalogs, but only select models will be in store. It might take time to order your LGBTQ engagement rings.

Some jewelry shops will offer custom ring design. Make sure you ask the manager about the delivery timeline. Custom design will take longer, so make sure it’s ready for your special day.