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LGBTQ Friendly Wedding Florists

Find LGBTQ wedding florists near you. Choose your florist by location, work samples and customer reviews. Find the best gay-friendly wedding florists in your area.

A floral design studio in South Orange, NJ with a strong commitment to featuring locally grown flowers and sustainable practices. We design florals that evoke the movement of Natur

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Boutique floral design company based in Chicago, IL. Focusing on wedding and event design. Female owned and operated. Our designs are mother nature inspired, focusing on a natural

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Born and raised in Santa Fe, Two Baroque Girls is a mother and daughter team that creates beautiful floral magic. When creating floral designs, Two Baroque Girls is influenced by t

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Flowerchild’s design aesthetic is centered around flowers in their most simplistic form and as they would appear in nature. Our light and whimsical approach offer a refreshin

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“I must have flowers, always and always.” -Monet- Mom, wife, small business owner, and environmentalist, I incorporate all of these life roles into my passion as a flor

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Advice From EVOL.LGBT

How to pick LGBTQ-friendly wedding florists?

Start With Your Style

The date is set. It’s time to think about hiring a wedding florist.

Kick off the search by looking for wedding florists whose style you love. Browse portfolios and save any that stand out to you.

Understand the Options

Now that you know the style of your wedding flowers, start looking for wedding florists near you.

When considering options think about florists and floral designers with good customer reviews and strong portfolios of floral designs.

Start a Conversation

Once you’ve found a wedding florist for your LGBTQ+ wedding, it’s time to learn if your personalities click. (Pun intended!)

Reach out via EVOL.LGBT’s “Request Quote” feature, which walks you through the key pieces of info to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check answer to common questions about choosing LGBTQ+ friendly wedding florist.

How to pick an LGBTQ+ wedding florist?

If you want to be sure that florist is LGBTQ friendly you should watch previous works on their site, read reviews, ask people. Don’t forget to pinpoint your style, it would be easier to understand what florist could be better for your wedding. Make a floral wish list, some florists are really good with your favorite flowers, scour social media, ask many questions to understand if this person or team can make your wedding unforgettable.

How much does a florist cost for a wedding?

According to a recent survey, the average amount spent on a florist for a wedding – including personal flowers, centerpieces and other decorations – was between $600 and $804.

Do I tip a wedding florist? If so, how much?

Regardless of your floral budget, a $50 to $100 tip for the florist is a thoughtful way to say thank you for all of their hard work. A tip is a wonderful gesture to say thank you for any vendor’s hard work on your wedding day.

When should i book a florist for my wedding?

It’s recommended booking a florist 6 to 9 months in advance, but many popular dates book 12 to 18 months ahead of time, so if flowers are important to you and you want to make sure you get that florist you had your eyes on for a while, book as soon as you can.

What to look for in an LGBTQ+ wedding florist?

When you try to find the best florist for your LGBTQ wedding you have to make sure your florist is LGBTQ friendly, make sure he understands all details and specific of LGBTQ symbols, of course it must be a person with that kind of personality what could be good and understandable for you. On your wedding and in the preparing you have to feel comfortable and free.