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Looking for gay hair stylists and LGBT makeup artists for a same sex wedding? Find LGBTQ friendly wedding hair and make-up artists near you. Choose your salon by location, service offering and customer reviews. Find the best gay and lesbian wedding hair stylist in your area.

Advice From EVOL.LGBT


Define your Style

Make sure you understand what you want to get as a result. The clearer the vision, the better the results. Browse the web for gay celebrity weddings, point out the hair styles you love. Do a few Google image searchers for gay wedding hairstyles, add them to your mood board.

Many gay and lesbian wedding makeup artists have extensive online profiles showcasing their work in photos and videos. At this stage, look for the best in business, not necessarily for professionals in your geographic area.

Check their social media profiles, watch their makeup lessons and makeup tutorials. It will allow you to learn about your artist as a professional and as a person. Check which hair and makeup products, and beauty brands they use.

Know your Options

Now that you have determined your wedding hairstyle, it’s time to look at LGBT hair salons and LGBT wedding make-up artists in your area. Start by looking at the companies we have here. Our list of gay, lesbian and queer makeup artists is quite extensive.

Browsing our collection, make sure you view their work samples, check what products they use and read their reviews. Specifically look at other same sex couples and how they looked on their wedding day. Finding a perfect LGBT friendly hair salon is about understanding your options.

Some hair and makeup artists will even travel to destinations to make you look amazing on your wedding day. See if their website mentions location specific service and if a vendor is willing to travel to a destination wedding.

Start a Conversation

So, if you’ve got two or three LGBT wedding hair salons in your area that you like, it’s time to start a conversation. At this stage it’s key to understand that your personality clicks. Ask if you can stop by to chat with you gay makeup artist. Better yet, drop by their salon if they accept walk-ins.

Reach out via EVOL.LGBT’s “Request Quote” feature. We walk you through the key pieces of info to share with your LGBT wedding makeup artists.

By now you’re familiar with their style and determined that it rhymes with yours. It’s time to talk about the details: date, time and location.

Ask your vendor about the date and time availability. Do they have a team that can service both partners at the same time? What about your entire bridal party? Or can they only service one partner at a time?

Location of your trans friendly makeup artist is important. If they’re located downtown and your wedding venue is outside of the city, it may be tricky to go there and back during rush hour. Many individual LGBTQ makeup artists will come to your location. Make sure to ask about it.

Wedding Hair Style Guide

Check these wedding hairstyles for creative ideas for your special day. Make sure you request specific style references from your stylist.

Short Hair

Textured Pixie Cut

A stylish and modern option with short, textured layers and tousled styling.

Side-Swept Bangs

Adding side-swept bangs to a short haircut can create a soft and romantic look.
Undercut: For a bold and edgy style, an undercut with shaved sides and longer hair on top can make a statement.

Medium Length Hair

Soft Waves

Gentle, loose waves can create a romantic and effortless look.
Sleek and Straight: Straightening medium-length hair can create a polished and sophisticated appearance.

Half-Up Hairstyle

Pulling back part of the hair into a half-updo while leaving the rest down can offer a combination of elegance and comfort.

Long Hair

Cascading Curls

Long, cascading curls can create a romantic and glamorous look.
Updo Styles: Updos can range from classic chignons and braided updos to messy buns or boho-inspired styles.

Side-Swept or Center Part

Parting the hair to the side or in the center and styling it accordingly can provide versatility and complement different face shapes.

Natural Hair

Afro Styles

Embracing natural hair texture with a full afro or styling it into a rounded shape can be a powerful and celebratory choice.

Twist-Outs or Braid-Outs

Defined curls achieved through twist-outs or braid-outs can create a stunning and voluminous look.


Styling locs in various ways, such as updos, half-updos, or accessorizing them, can showcase individuality and cultural heritage.

Gender-Neutral Styles

Short Textured Quiff

Creating a textured quiff with a slightly longer top section and shorter sides can offer a versatile and stylish look.

Undercut with Length on Top

An undercut with shorter sides and longer hair on top can allow for creative styling options, from slicked-back styles to more voluminous looks.