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Wedding Rentals for LGBTQ Weddings

Find LGBTQ-friendly wedding rental companies near you. Choose your vendor by location and customer reviews. Find the best wedding decorations rentals in your area.

Advice From EVOL.LGBT


Define Your Vision

Start with your theme and wedding setting in mind. Look for inspiration on the web, ask other same-sex couples, and talk to family and friends. Search the web for things like “wedding décor ideas” and “wedding décor inspiration”.

It’s a good idea to put your inspiration into a single place like a mood board. Choosing a wedding theme is one of the most critical parts of planning a wedding. Make sure you don’t lose inspiring nuggets and use a mood board or a folder to collect your findings.

Make sure that both you and your partner are part of the decision. Remember it’s YOUR (as in both of you) special day!

Understand the Options

Now that you know what you want, look for companies around you to learn what they offer. You might service search for things like “wedding tent rentals near me”, “wedding arch rental near me” or plainly “wedding rentals near me”.

Browse LGBTQ-friendly wedding rentals in your area at EVOL.LGBT. When considering options, check their images, services descriptions and customer reviews. See what packages they offer and what pricing and payment options are available. Customer reviews are important too.

You should be able to check 5 to 10 vendors to get an idea of your wedding rentals options.

Start a Conversation

Once you identify 2 or 3 vendors you love, it’s time to learn if your personalities click. Reach out via EVOL.LGBT’s “Request Quote” feature, walks you through the key pieces of info to share.

As your vendor about other rental packages such as wedding centerpiece rentals and wedding linen rentals. All of these are usually required as part of the wedding décor rental package.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many couples opt for outdoor weddings and, as a result, special event rental companies offer frame tent rentals. So, make sure to ask about the tent options such as event tent size and capacity.


How much is a tent rental for a wedding?

The cost for a tent wedding can start from $3200 and go up to $12000 and up. Tent rental cost depends on a few things including the type of tent, size, location and availability. There are pole tents, frame tents and Sperry Tents. Each type varies by size such as 1) 100 guests – a 30×60 pole tent, 2) 140 guests – 40×60 pole tent, and 3) 200 guests – 40×80 pole tent. Your cost will depend on your region in the United States, some locations are way more expensive than others. And finally, availability is important too. Peak summer time will have higher costs associated with renting a tent for your special day.

How much are linen rentals for weddings?

Table linens rental can range from $15 to $80+ per table. The cost of linens will differ depending on the size (e.g. just reaching past the edge of the table or hitting the floor) and fabric of the tablecloth. Linens typically include tablecloths, table skirts, table runners, napkins, and chair covers. A more ornate fabric like silk, sequins, or velvet will cost significantly higher than cotton, satin, or polyester.

How much are wedding chair rentals?

In the U.S., the average starting price for renting wedding chairs is $2 per chair. You can save money by renting folding chairs, but you may also want to rent chair covers to make them look nicer.

How to save money on wedding rentals?

Wedding rentals can get expensive but there are a few ways to save. Work with a single rental company. Opt for 60-72 inch round tables. Check venue flexibility. Use bistro string lights. Choose elegant napkins instead of tablecloths. Finally, go KIS on glassware. Your wedding day will be special anyway and you don’t have to spend a fortune on wedding decor to make it so.