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two girl cuddling, b&w photo

Love From Tinder, Lesbian Engagement

two gir cuddling, b&w picture

Every swipe matters!

Jessica and Gracie met like many queer couples, online. Gracie immediately knew that she was something special. It was the second Tinder profile she saw. She  doesn’t think she ever swiped right so fast. When they matched, Gracie agonized about what to write to Jess. It turns out, Jess was feeling the same way!

Two girls and garland with bulbs
Two girls cuddling and garland with bulbs

First Date and First Impression

The first date was at a Brewery in Bellingham, and Gracie was so happy to see that Jessy was even more beautiful in person. At first, Gracie thought Jess was super shy! She was very quiet, and Gracie honestly thought that she might now be into her. Turns out, she was just extremely nervous. She is actually wildly hilarious and the life of every party! There isn’t a day that goes by that Jess doesn’t make Gracie laugh until she cries.


Jess was just as relieved to see that Gracie  matched her tinder profile. Jess was smitten from the beginning, and loved Gracie’s outgoing personality and ability to make her smile.

two girl laughing

First steps!

They started dating very seriously, very quickly. Gracie  pretty sure she made Jess a copy of her apartment key after the first week, and she basically moved in with her after a month.

two girl cuddling, b&w photo

First kiss. After a couple of dates, Jess came over to watch the Shining with Gracie. She was trying to get her into scary movies, and Gracie was trying to impress her. It took Gracie until the credits to finally build up to confidence to kiss her on the couch.

First  – I love you! After a fun trip to Vancouver, BC Jess and Gracie came home to unpack. They were cuddling on the couch and Gracie just couldn’t hold it in any longer! She was luck enough to have her say it back to her.


Difficulties with recognizing as a gay couple with parents or friends

family, lesbian engagement

Gracie didn’t come out to her friends and family until they started dating. Since they were so serious, so quickly, Gracie knows that this came as a shock to everyone. There was definitely a period where Gracie did not feel completely supported by her  family. Luckily, Jess’s family was so accepting and loving of the both of them from the very start, and have always treated them  as a valid couple.

family lesbian engagement

After over 2 years and an engagement, they have the love and support of most of their friends and family. It is always going to be difficult for certain family members, but  through seeing their happiness and commitment to each other, they can learn to accept them as who they are.

Weird habit of each other

Jessica’s weirdness. She always fidgets with anything that she can find! It has gotten to the point where Gracie has to search for things that Jess can fidget with, so she stops breaking random items around their apartment. 

Gracie’s weirdness. She is constantly tidying up their apartment to the point where she will grab Jess’s dishes/put away things that she is working on before she is even finished. Jess has to always announce. “I am going to the bathroom, but I am not finished with that glass of juice, so please don’t put it away”.

two girls going, candles
friends, candles

Dangerous day, but Perfect Proposal

Gracie was planning to propose to Jessica for 6 months. She wanted to wait for the perfect moment. After lots of planning, she hired a photographer and started to work on finding a venue. 2 weeks before the proposal, the original venue fell through and she was stuck rushing to find a new one. She settled on Mount Spokane, as it is a gorgeous scenic drive with a breathtaking view. The morning of the proposal, Spokane was hit with all of the smoke from the West Coast wildfires. The AQI was 490, and it was considered hazardous to be outdoors for extended periods of time. She was left scrambling with 5 hours until the proposal was set to happen. Luckily, my photographer had a friend with a studio that she was willing to let us use! I spent my day running around getting (flameless) candles, flowers and food, and trying to reimagine how the proposal was going to go. 

She asked Jess if she wanted to go out to dinner, and requested that she get dressed up (apparently this is what gave Gracie away).

They drove to the secret location, and as they walked in, there was a pathway of candles leading to a picnic that she had worked with a designer to set up. Jess knew what was going on immediately.


Gracie told her how much she meant to her, and how everything in her life makes sense with her in it. Gracie got down on one knee and presented the ring she designed just for her.

lesbian proposal
lesbian proposal

SHE SAID YES!! And then, grabs her purse and pulls out a ring that she was saving for Gracie! She was so shocked that she would also get a ring, and the joy in her face was evident of that.

two lesbians, rings

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