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Lucas and Sean Proposal

Lucas and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met seven years ago as college students in Los Angeles. The night that we met, a mutual friend forced Sean to cancel his Friday night plans (to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and eat pizza in his dorm room) so that he could come to a get-together that I was hosting at my apartment. We instantly became obsessed with each other, and have spent the last seven years since then sharing the best memories we could have imagined. We’ve traveled across the world together, collectively lived in seven cities, endured four years of long-distance (but managed to talk on FaceTime every night), popped countless bottles of champagne to celebrate our ups, and have been by each other’s sides during the downs.

How They Asked

Given the fact that our story together began in Los Angeles, I thought it would be perfect to return there for the proposal. Using my birthday as the pretext for a vacation, we traveled down to LA for a week of supposed relaxation. Little did Sean know that I had planned a series of surprises for him, including a sunset proposal on the top of the U.S. Bank building, renting out a rooftop bar in LA and having 40 of our closest family members and friends fly in from across the country to celebrate with us, renting out a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills for our cousins and siblings to party in, and staying in the same hotel room we stayed in for our first anniversary.

Photographer and Videographer: LifeStory.Film 

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