How should I address the newly married couple?

In most cases, you could simply call them by their new name — if they’ve chosen to have the same last name. For example, “The Smiths.” If you are unsure whether one partner will change their name or if the couple has chosen a neutral last name to share, then something more general like “the happy couple” is appropriate for any written correspondence or card to the couple. If you know the newly married couple will be keeping their given last names, it’s still appropriate to refer to them as “Mrs. and Mrs.” or “Mr. and Mr.” and include both last names.

What about parent-child dances? Bouquet tosses? Cake-cutting?

There are some facets of wedding receptions that most same-sex couples wholeheartedly embrace, like the cake cutting, if there’s cake. Others, like bouquet tosses, are pretty unpopular among LGBTQ couples. While you can expect a fun party with lots of exciting surprises for guests, don’t expect to see too many of the traditional activities you’ve come to expect from straight weddings at same-sex weddings.