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Tristin Chipman and Emily Saliers


Emily Saliers revealed October. 2012 she tied the knot with her longtime partner, Alberta native Tristin Chipman.

Chipman, who works in the music business in Toronto, has been with Saliers for a decade and the couple has a nine-month-old baby.

During a break in the Indigo Girls concert at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre, Saliers told the audience she and Chipman were married in New York State.


Equal marriage was not yet legal in the Indigo Girls’ home state of Georgia.

It is not known when the couple made it official but, in an interview published in July, 2012 Saliers said they were not in a rush.

“If everything goes as we’re planning, we will be married in Canada,” she said. “But our hope is that we can live in the United States. We can’t stay in the United States if my partner is unable to work. It’s part of her freedom and her life, to work, if she chooses to. So we face that decision in the future.”

With daughter

The 50-year-old singer had been lobbying the U.S. government to change immigration laws so Americans can sponsor their same-sex spouses.

“Even though we are a completely committed family, there is no way for me to sponsor Tristin for a green card to keep our family together,” Saliers wrote in an open letter in June.


“I am pretty raw and open,” says Saliers in a phone call from the home she shares with wife Tristin Chipman and 18-month-old daughter Cleo. “And I have quite a tender heart. So that combination of being so raw and motherhood…. aghhhh!” She pretends to cry, but a laugh sneaks through. “Going out on the road now, I am more homesick than I have ever been.”

“Everything about having a kid is the hardest part and the best part of life,” she adds in 2013, noting there was a time she had no interest in pursuing parenthood. Her longtime relationship with Chlpman – which culminated in marriage last year – seems to have nudged Saliers to reconsider.


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