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Amanda Ford and Amanda Whittle

2 Amanadas, 2 Souls, 2 Hearts – and one Love for Two.

Love on Tinder exists!

Amanda Ford and Amanda Whittle met on Tinder a little over 5 years ago. Amanda W. is from South Carolina and Amanda F. is from New York. They both moved to Florida for their jobs. It was the first time both of them dated a woman.

First Date and First Impression

Actually, it wasn’t a date at first, just from the fact that Amanda’s W. profile said that she is looking for friends. And it could really be the case, because she just moved to Florida.
Their first date was a Turtle walk on Juno Beach, Florida where they watched a sea turtle lay her eggs.

Amanda’s Ford first impression from New York:

“She is from South Carolina and I am from New York. We both moved to Florida for our jobs. When we met for the first time she was a lot more reserved and more quiet than I was. She didn’t seem very eager to talk with me or to be on the date. When she did speak her accent was so thick I had a hard time understanding her.”

 Amanda’s  Whittle  first impression from South Carolina: “Her voice was squeaky and awkward.”


Difficulties with recogniZing as a gay couple with parents or friends

Since it was the first time  both of them dated women it was a big transition. At first both of their parents, except Amanda’s F. mom, had a big issue with it. Their friends were completely cool with it and their other family members were too. But now both of their parents came around thankfully!

Double Proposal

Amanada W. took Amanda F.  back to the beach they had their first date. Amanda W. set up a beautiful picnic at sunset, made a playlist of all the songs that defined their relationship up until that point. She proposed first but Amanada F. had bought a ring for her two days before that and  had booked a trip a day after she proposed to Boston where she set everything up to propose to her. Amanda F. took her to Provincetown, MA and proposed to her only a few days after she proposed to her.

Discomfort at the wedding

Amanda F. didn’t really feel comfortable at their wedding. Photographers made them do a lot of poses for pictures that weren’t really they. Maybe it was their first experience doing weddings with lesbians so they didn’t know exactly how to pose them.

Family Traditions

From September 2-12 they have their own holiday called the “dark days of Quattlebaum.” This is their dog Quattlebaum ran away two years ago when they were on vacation and their roommates were watching her. The dog was missing for 10 days. They flew back from Montana to search for her and for over a week they put blood, sweat and tears into tracking her down. Finally on the tenth day someone who saw one of their flyers was able to catch her and they were reunited. During those ten days they give up something to remember the excruciating time they lost her and give thanks that she is here with them now.

Feelings and expectations

Amanda F. :
“We just moved to the Northeast from Florida so we are very excited to put down roots. I’m looking forward to the seasons again and I think Amanda is excited to experience snow in her everyday life. It’s a really exciting time, everyday I feel like I’m living a dream because I have more than I could ever imagine having.”

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