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Story about Katie and Jody from Oregon

(Or Koko and Jojo, how they call each other)

Katie 34 and Jody 39, together for 7 years.

This is the story of love from the first sight. We can only envy such stories, because usually you really need time, to understand that it’s your person and your choice is right and so on…. So let’s start our story. 

First steps

 Koko and Jojo met each other at zumba class. Koko was enamored by Jojo absolutely from the start. And Jojo thought that Koko is too sassy, popular, but cute. The first step in relationships made Katie. After one of the Zumba classes, she told Jody about her feelings. Jody didn’t say it back, she needed time. And after 24 hours thanks God she answered the same!

But the second “first step” was from Jody. She was the first, who said the words “I love you” ❤️

Our first kiss happened on our first trip. To Eugene for Katie to become a certified Zumba instructor. This trip was planned prior to telling each other We had feelings. As in any relationship sometimes they argue, usually because of family, but it doesn’t stop them to love each other.

Weird, but cute  habits of each other

Katie has to touch any chip bag to pick the fullest one.
All Jody’s numbers have to be divisible by 5.

 Favorite feature about each other

Katie loves Jod’s laugh.
Jody loves Katie’s eyes.

Proposal and wedding

Jody proposed to Katie on her birthday trip. It was the first  year they dated. She took her to the coast and got a room with a tub on the beach. That evening, while tubing, she pulled out the ring and asked her to marry her. Katie took Jody to Portland (her favorite city) for a trip to see her best friends. After seeing her friends for the day, they went back to their hotel room. Katie sent Jody for ice, because she was so nervous. When Jody got back with the ice, she asked Katie and she answered yes!

Wedding preparations

Wedding was very small and private. No vendors at all. Their families helped them with anything they couldn’t handle on their own. Jody’s sister happens to be a photographer so that was easy. They played their  own music. The only part that wasn’t easy was the pictures because Katie and Jody felt they couldn’t be themselves and in love.

Future plans and dreams

One of the biggest plans  is to purchase a house on the beach.

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