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Chelsea: we worked together in a crowd managed company for a while but since the company have thousands of employees we never really knew each other. We ended up on the same course. As soon as i walked in i noticed Charlotte out of everyone else in the room. She was the little intelligent one out of the group and she just stood out with her quirky and fun personalitY. During the course I had to hold Charlotte against a wall and look into her eyes.. yes exactly that! We ended up the best friends from that point on and were inseparable.

Charlotte and Chelsea

Charlotte: I first met Chelsea on a work course. She turned up late so she stuck out straight away due to her cheekiness. We got talking on the first day and became best friends straight away as our humour matched to a T, constantly bouncing off each other. We were inseparable, talked on the phone all day, evey day without ever running out of things to talk about until one day, a few months later, she kissed me whilst we were lying in bed together and I realised how deeply I cared for her and the rest was history… so yeah.. she turned the straight girl haha!


Chelsea: As soon as we kissed, I knew I was going to marry my best friend (quite literally). We got engaged quite early on in the relationship, less than a year to be honest. I remember getting my 4 year old nephew involved in the proposal. We told Charlotte that he needed to learn his Alphabet and because he loves us so much we would write all letters singular on a piece of paper and all get a photo together with each letter. Little did she know it was to make a banner with herself in the photos spelling ‘will you marry me’. Along with this I was taking sneaky photos of me holding up signs saying ‘marry me’ while getting selfie etc. I had bought a whole load of heart balloons to tie the photos to the bottom and a fully decorated room. I picked out the perfect ring and I was ready. I had all my props and everything that I needed 2 days before my planned proposal. So here we are just lying in bed bed 2 days before my plan and Charlotte gives me a book, the book was our story, from how we met to where were are now. The end page read “Chelsea, will you marry me?” I turned around and there she was, ring in hand. The ring was identical to the one I bought her!!! I didn’t know how to reply… my exact reply was “you’ve ruined everything” (my planned proposal)this is where I had to then explain myself and I 100% said yes! 2 days later I still decided to propose myself 🙂 we are now coming up 3 years married and I fall in love with her every single day.


Charlotte: we had a little traditions every month to go to the amusements at the beach and get photos in the photo booth there.. my original plan was to incorporate that so I got a book made called 52 reasons why I love you and the 2nd last page was a letter to her telling her how beautiful she was and everything she meant to me and the last page was the question. I was going to give her the book and when she was reading the letter I was going to start the photo booth so I caught her reaction with me pulling the ring out… BUT…bye went a week before hand and the photo booth was broke so I asked the manager when it would be getting fixed and he told me they were getting rid of it. so the plan was out the window and by this time Chelsea was getting suspicious as I’ve got no poker face so I had to think fast.

Bride to be

I was half way through planning another go at it when Chelsea had a really bad day one day and was feeling really insecure so I wanted to cheer her up and although it was nothing special it felt like the right time so I gave her the book and pulled out the ring expecting the typical tears of happiness etc. Instead she lies on the bed, puts her hand socer her face and tells me I’ve ruined everything haha! Heres me thinking I’ve blown it so I tell her I’ll wait outside to give her time to think but then she tells me she had planned to propose to me but thought she couldn’t do it anymore cause I’d beaten her to it by 2 days. It was made even funnier by the fact we unknowingly bought each other the same ring hahaha!… and then almost unknowingly bought the same wedding dress until I spotted the photo on her phone whilst she was showing me something, we are too alike. We made an agreement to get a different dress so it would still be a surprise on the day.

Chelsea and Charlotte

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