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Ashley and Jillian – love story

The beginning of the story

Jill and Ashley met through a close friend, at a concert. When Ashley met Jillian she took over the entire atmosphere with her energy and smile. After that whenever they knew a group of their friends would be in the same place at the same event they both would try to somehow “run” into one another there. Neither of them were single at the same time for over 10 years.

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Finally, Jillian invited Ashley to the Michigan Vs. Michigan State tailgate with her and some friends. Ashley decided to say for once and go! (She had to go out and buy a Michigan State shirt so she fit in with her crowd, cause She was always a blue and gold fan!  haha) After that day, they have been inseparable ever since. Jill is the most amazing human Ashley’s ever met, and the most beautiful soul in the whole world. Ashley is so happy their paths finally brought them together.

First Step

First kiss. Ashley: Our first kiss was the end of our first date! Before I got out of her car, I’ll never forget it, “Unforgettable” was on the radio haha”

Difficulties with recognizing as a gay couple

At times there are still challenges. A co-worker of Ashley recently asked her “why are there two brides?” They manage to get through difficult times together as a team. They fight for what’s right, and for their future family.

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Differences and Arguments

Their biggest challenge is how they are still learning the different ways of each other and how to mesh their separate lives into one.


Ashley knew Jill was the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with at the first time they hung out alone with each other at the tailgate. She has never had more fun with a partner in her life. Ashley proposed to Jill within a year of dating, with a surprise at home. A light up aisle within their home, and had a sign on their dog Donkey asking Jill to “marry us.”

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A few months later, Jill blindfolded Ashley and took her to hometown park, where Ashley grew up going to with her best friend, her grandpa Joe, she proposed to her there by the water. It was extremely thoughtful and meant the world to Ashley.

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They originally had planned a 250 person wedding full of their friends and family, but due to the pandemic had to reschedule 3 times. They ended up doing a small intimate wedding in Jillian’s parents backyard, with just their bridal party, their spouses, and immediate family.

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 It turned out better than they could have ever imagined. Jill and Ashley got to spend a lot of intimate moments throughout their day together with it being smaller and they are so thankful. They hope to celebrate with their other friends and family down the road as they missed them all very much.


Wedding preparations

They spent a lot of time making their own center pieces/table settings, bridal bouquets, seating charts, covid signs, sanitizing stations, their ceremony trellis, creating lighting in the backyard, etc. They worked really hard on a lot of things for two years and it finally paid off.

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