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lesbian's wedding

Luisa and Delia – New York Wedding

First Date and First Impression

Luisa thought, that Delia the most intimidating woman she had had ever met. And Delia thought, that Luisa very sweet and tender. Seems to a fairytale “Beauty and the Beast” 🙂

After their first date, they continued to talk and spoke on the phone for hours at end. They went on a few more dates before they made it official.

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Difficulties with recognizing as a gay couple with parents or friends

Not at all. Both of their families love them very much. They are lucky to have a closeness with their families.

Weird habits of each other

Luisa has a weird habit of calling everyone, Bro and they argue about this because Delia really hates this:)  Delia’s weird habit is that she likes to watch movies in bed at night with all the lights on.

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The day of the proposal

Luisa thought of at least 6 or 7 ways that she was going to do it. Finally, she chose one. She hired a professional cameraman to capture this moment from before, during, and after. She thought this out precisely. However, it did not go as planned. The day Luisa picked up Delia’s engagement ring, (a week or so before she had planned to ask) She overwhelmingly felt that she could not wait for the scheduled date. And so, Luisa called Delia while she was at work and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, at the highline, in the city. Luisa thought this would be a romantic walk with great views and she know how much Delia loves the NYC views. 

 So Luisa met Delia in the city and we walked the highline. After dodging waterbugs, they moved to a spot that was quiet and beautiful. Luisa immediately knew it was PERFECT! She waited for the right moment and she asked Delia to marry her. She said, “YES!” They both cried and The park security snapped a few photos of them.

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Their wedding was both simple and special. They had it at the Wilshire Grand in West Orange, NJ on August 28th, 2020. It was during covid-19. Originally had planned for 160 guests but had to lower that number to 60 guests due to covid-19 restriction issues.

lesbian's wedding
lesbian's wedding

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