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kissing near railway

Proposal story of Tate and Christian


Tate: I worked for a company and had a section of Ambassadors to track and she was in my section. I spent 20 minutes going through her profile. Looking at posts from 2017. (Stalker alert) the next day I was creeping again *obviously* and was watching her story. I accidentally quick reacted with the ‘celebration’ emoji. (She still to this day claims it was on purpose) after that we COULD NOT stop talking. About anything and everything. From childhood backstories to future goals. It was like I couldn’t get enough of her. FaceTiming at every opportunity. Constantly on my mind!

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 I lived in New Mexico and she lived in Florida. 2 months after we started talking, I flew to Florida to see her. I spent a whole month (delaying my flight back twice) with her. I gave my 2 weeks at my job in NM and she flew to NM to drive back with me. We travelled the 25 hours (which turned into 30 hours after several naps in sketchy gas station parking lots) to FL and have been inseparable since!!

kissing near railway

How they asked

Tate: Never in my life would I have expected this from her. We were at my dad’s house in NC. She had become distant and put a new password on her phone. I had become very suspicious. She played it off as my birthday was right around the corner and my presents were popping up all over her email! (okay okay okay. I guess I can handle that) 


That morning she had brought up us going on a date night as we hadn’t in a while. (We have a six year old that we don’t leave with anyone INCLUDING my dad) We got someone we trusted on FaceTime to “babysit” as she was in the room watching Netflix and my dad watching NASCAR in the other room. We headed to a nearby park to begin our date. It was ABSOLUTELY freezing, but we neared through the pain. With no plan in mind, we walked around chatting for a while. 

proposal and a child

We then decide to go to the amphitheater to slow dance. (soooo romantic 😍) As the song ‘I Wasn’t Expecting That’ played from her phone that was laying on the ground, she whispered in my ear, what are your plans for the rest of your life? I said hopefully spending it right by your side. She then got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. 


That was by far THE EASIEST yes I’ve ever said. To end the night off, we went to the car to leave and realized the gate was locked. We are officially locked in the park. We call the local police station and they come to unlock the gate. HOW embarrassing, but I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

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