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The story about Inseparable Dani and Blair

The beginning of the story and First Impression

Their story began with a rush! As a college freshman, Dani rushed and joined a sorority, where she met Blair, who was already a sister.They immediately hit it off and spent that year becoming best friends. They were inseparable. It was an instant connection.

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Distance relationship

After Blair graduated, they realized they both had romantic feelings, and even though they were in different states, they decided to begin their relationship long-distance…this lasted for the first 4.5 years of their relationship!!

First steps

First kiss. At Blair’s graduation at the end of the year, they shared their first kiss, and have been together ever since.

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Difficulties with recognizing as a gay couple with parents or friends

Their families and friends have been incredibly supportive of their relationship! However, they each struggled to come out to themselves. They kept their relationship in a secret for over a year!

Proposal Story

For Blair’s 30th birthday, they planned a trip to the Amalfi Coast. For about a year prior to the trip, Dani had teased Blair that she would propose sometime before her big birthday. About 4 months prior to the trip, they scheduled a meeting with Olivia (together) to look at diamonds to see what they each liked. After the initial meeting, they each set out on their own to work with Olivia to design the perfect rings for one another. As the designated trip and itinerary planner, Dani knew exactly when and where she wanted to propose, but kept it a secret from Blair.

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Blair reviewed the itinerary to choose the location for her proposal and noticed a gorgeous restaurant overlooking Positano was listed on the evening of July 3rd. Secretly, Dani and Blair each told Dani’s sister Courtney, their identical plans for proposing! Courtney kept both secrets – plus an additional surprise! She planned for a photographer to capture the simultaneous SURPRISE proposals. Waiting for the perfect moment, Dani and Blair were each convinced that they would be the first to propose, but ultimately, they ended up proposing at the exact same time during sunset! After the proposal, they enjoyed dinner on the balcony, where they viewed a private fireworks display over dessert.

Planning Wedding

They decided to postpone their wedding next year. 2020 has brought a host of challenges for us to overcome. They’ve both felt lost or hopeless over the course of the pandemic, thankfully they’ve been able to find pockets of joy to remind them how lucky they are to have found each other.

 They wanted to bring some joy to their guests and didn’t want to send yet another insignificant piece of paper. Instead, they opted for a laugh, and decided to design SAVE THE NEW NEW* DATE tie-dye T-Shirts.


In typical fashion, they easily agreed on the text & colors, but each loved a different pattern:


👰🏻 is Type A to a tee & the traditional spiral design for a more uniformed look was her ideal.

 👰🏼 is creative and carefree & loved the idea of each scrunch being unique to the wearer.

10.2.21 💍💍 … *PROBABLY


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