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Adrian, 35 years old, works as a public official and Toby, 27, studies History and English on a lecturing degree. These two smiling and sunny men from Germany have met each other in 2016. We asked them to share some personal stories because we are really fascinated by their bright life full of happiness and love.


Adrian and I met on a dating app and it actually took a while before we met in person. But after a while we agreed to go on a date. To be very honest, on that evening back in August 2016, I wasn’t really in the mood to go on that date. But Adrian convinced me to have dinner together, which led to me cooking at his kitchen. We had a lovely evening, but both of us had the feeling, we are not really matching. Which is why no one of us texted the other.

In the following three weeks, I was like I missed Adrian and I was questioning myself how he’s doing. He seemed really nice, even though we both definitely lived on different planets at this time. I messaged him. I asked him out and Adrian actually agreed. From then on, both started to realize that we are interested in one another and that we slowly fall in love. We became official on September 17, 2016, in a month and half from our first date. In 2017 we moved in together and on December 6, 2019 we got married.


Both of us love traveling, especially to the US. We have been on a road trip in California, which was actually our very first major vacation together back in 2017. It was planned to visit the East coast last year, but due to pandemic we had to cancel our plans. But Germany has some nice beaches, too! Further we love bike tours, concerts, to meet friends and cooking.


All relationships have problems, we also had some. But we have one rule, if you have a problem with anything speak up. Then we start talking about the problem, where does that problem come from and what can we do to solve it. A relationship only works if you communicate with your partner and that’s what we do. And yes, a relationship requires work, day by day.

Another thing we do is that we actually celebrate the 17th of each month. We call it our monthly anniversary. We have some nice food at a fancy restaurant and just enjoy some real quality time together, just the two of us. That’s how we keep our love young, by showing constantly that we deeply love each other.

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