Your LGBTQ+ Wedding Community

Two brides with rainbow flag


We know you are proud to be a part of big LGBTQ community, that’s why in this article we want to share with you some ways to infuse your pride throughout your wedding ceremony.

1. Create a colorful ceremony backdrop–or use rainbow ribbons for handfasting

2. Get fun accessories and werk those wedding photos

3. Wear colorful cufflinks

4. We’re swooning over these dip-dyed dresses

5. Go bright and bold with your wedding flowers

6. WEAR rainbow-soled shoes

7. Be loud-and-proud with a wedding ceremony sign like this one

8. vibrant smoke bombs make an Instagrammable photo op

9. balloons make a great photo prop

10. Put your pride up in lights

11. matching florals make a grand statement

12. Complementary chair signs are an affordable yet adorable touch

13. Moving on to the cake

14. “guest book” frame is a great way to incorporate your pup

15. topping the tiers with figurines in your likeness

16. celebrate the notion that love ALWAYS wins

17. Encourage your guests to “Love in color” with these DIY wedding favors

18. get a bunch of rainbow sparklers

Hope our advices will help you to make your ceremony bright and really pride! And remember on our pages you always can find LGBTQ friendly vendors who will help you with just everything. 

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