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two mom and a girl

LGBTQ Family of two moms: Cara, Cara and daughter Myla

 Introducing your partner to your child

two mom and a girl

Cara C.: “Well, Myla is actually my biological I had before I came out, and before I met Cara W. I raised Myla by myself as a single mom for the first 5 years of her life. Once I met Cara W, after a few months of dating I let her meet Myla, and literally in that moment, she became a Mother. Cara W has always wanted children, and she and Myla connected in such an incredible way that I could have never imagined. Myla has taken to her, and loves her as if she has been in our lives since the beginning.”

Parenting responsibilities

two mom and a child

Cara. C: “We do a really good job of splitting our parenting duties/time up! I basically do all of the getting ready/ school/ anywhere she has to go things, but Cara W is the one that plays, builds things, helper with homework… so we really try to tackle that as a team! I would say I’m the more strict parent, but Cara W doesn’t take much back talk either lol. And we both try to have our heart-to-hearts with her as one family unit. We want to make sure she understands she can come to both of us for anything she’s going through, or struggling with, so it’s really important that we have those tough conversations as a family!”

Conversations with a child about the fact that families are different 

Cara. C.: “YES!! This is such an important topic to us!  Not only because of us being a same sex family, but because we want Myla to be an accepting child of anyone with a unique family dynamic! Whether that’s a fam like ours, a single mom, a single dad, a child being raised by grandparents, adopted children… all are valid, and important, and we want her to realize that dna doesn’t make a family… love does! And love can come in all shapes and sizes! Especially since we both come from all “traditional” families on both sides, we want her to know that there is so much more to the word FAMILY than what you see from our parents, and other siblings in our lives.”

 School/Leisure time with a child

Cara. C.: “We are huge hikers, and SUP boarders! Those are our top two faves! Butttt… since Covid, we have been creating new STEM projects for Myla to get involved in, watching movies together, and having sundae Sundays! Where we have an ice cream sundae every Sunday!! Can’t wait to really start hiking and SUP boarding again though! Lol”

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