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Some tips: how to cope with quarrels?

There is no couple without quarrels. Disagreement in relationship is not good, but normal. However, it is very important, how we do this!

1. So, what happens when we are quarrelling?

At this moment, you are moving away from each other. You feel like strangers, although a minute ago your partner was the most beloved and close person for you. But is that really so?

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2. You think that your beloved person wants to hurt you.

But remember one thing – no one wants to insult you. And also remember that your words may offend your partner, so be mindful of what you say.

two women kissing

In the photo: @sarah.and.kokebnesh

3. What is important in such complicated conversations?

  • Be honest and say frankly about your concerns.
  • Don’t blame your partner. Don’t say,” It’s you, no YOU, no it’s YOU!”. Better to say, how you feel when your partner acts this or that way. And most likely your partner will tell you that his/her words and actions meant completely different from what you thought.
  • Listen, do not get offended and do not interrupt. 
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Treat your partner with love, respect and understanding. And if your brain tells you, “Look it’s so offensive!”, just try to stop it, and continue listening to your partner without judging.


Don’t worry – each of you will have time to express your own point of view. Take turns while speaking and discussing each other’s issue.

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