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lesbian kiss

Simple things that can fill your relationship

Little rituals that you are doing every day with your partner can give you both more energy for all day. And of course, make your couple stronger.

1. Yoga before bed

yoga woman

In the Photo: @blk.bodhi

2. Morning kiss

lesbian kiss

In the photo: @taylonandaislinn

3. If you don’t live together  you can fall asleep on FaceTime every night

In the photo: @theanxiousegg_ and @2_trangz

4. Eat dinner together

gays eat pizza

In the photo:@dustin_patrick_smith

5. Bring coffee to your partner every morning, or prepare coffee To Go if she/he works.

In the photo:@kenz.sam

6. Leave notes in the car or around the house before your partner leaves for work.

women and coffee

In the photo: @out_in.nature

7. Do facials together.

men facials

In the Photo: @stanleyalvey

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