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The concept of the restaurant is based on original home cuisine with a touch of nostalgia, current classics of provincial recipes – Mediterranean, Caucasian and Middle Eastern cuisines. The interior, created by designer Katya Gerdt, resembles hospitable, warm Mediterranean taverns: linen curtains with handmade lace, white brick walls, rough whitewash, natural wood, beige textiles and paintings with provincial landscapes. In the preparation, exclusively organic products are used, delivered specially by order of the restaurant from different parts of the country.
The restaurant will offer several halls in which you can receive guests, providing comfort. One of the halls of the restaurant – “Gourmet” is decorated in a classic European style: antique furniture and mirrors in gilded frames, massive curtains, large panoramic windows that offer visitors an amazing view of the lake. Pleasant unobtrusive background music sounds in the hall.
The second hall – “Rotunda” was created in the English style with soft sofas and a fireplace. In summer, a stunning veranda opens up overlooking the golf course.
The chef’s menu focuses on grilled dishes. The specialty of the place is the dessert card created by the pastry chef. Village Kitchen uses only organic products.


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