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LGBTQ Friendly Wedding Venues

Find all LGBTQ friendly wedding reception halls and wedding venues near you. Choose your wedding venue by location, past experience and customer reviews. Find the best gay and lesbian friendly wedding venues in your area.

Mishawaka is a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar located in the stunning Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, CO. ‘The Mish’ can be found 13.7 miles up the Poudre Canyon Highway (

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If you’re looking for a wedding venue in a garden setting, look no further than Wahoo! Grill in Decatur, Georgia. This scenic venue offers an elegant, natural feel surrounded

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SKYLIGHT is located in the historic Santa Fe Arts District outside downtown Denver making it the perfect venue for celebrations, weddings, corporate events, and much more! The larg

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The Seville is proud to be a premier wedding and wedding reception venue in Schaumburg and the greater Chicagoland area! From sweeping banquet halls to glittering chandeliers and d

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Advice From EVOL.LGBT

How to choose an LGBTQ friendly wedding venue?

Start With Your Style

Starting to think about booking a wedding venue?

Kick off the search by looking for wedding venues images, browse the reviews and read about each one. Browse reception venues and save any that stand out to you.

Understand the Options

If you know your wedding date, you’re ready to begin the search.

When considering wedding venue options think about timing, how many shooters you want, who gets photo rights, and if what packages are available.

Start a Conversation

Once you’ve found a few venues you love, it’s time to schedule a venue visit.

Reach out via EVOL.LGBT’s “Request Quote” feature, which walks you through the key pieces of info to schedule you wedding venue visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check answer to common questions about choosing LGBTQ friendly wedding venues.

How can I tell if a wedding venue allows LGBT weddings?

To be sure that wedding venue allows LGBT weddings you better check a few main things before contact them: If a vendor is proudly showing off work from a past wedding of theirs that just so happens to be a same-sex couple, you can rest assured that they’re equality minded. Read their “about me section”—are they speaking directly to brides who are marrying grooms, or is their language gender neutral? Find inspiration from real same-sex weddings or browse vendor guides on sites you know are equality minded.

How much do wedding venues cost?

The average wedding venue cost is $5,000 based on a low of $3,000 to a high of $12,000 for the venue’s site fee, not including food and beverage. Location, demand, day of the week, inclusions, and seasonality all affect the pricing of a venue.

What to ask wedding venue?

Before you choose the perfect venue for your wedding you better learn all details and ask some questions to the venue. Ask them a few basic questions: check available dates, venue cost is important too, how many people does the space accommodate, make some research about this venue look and style, what kinds of restrictions they have, ask if you can hire outside vendors, politic about alcohol and food, can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band.

How much to tip wedding venue coordinator?

Wedding venue coordinators and catering captains should be tipped $250-500, or 15-20% of the food and drink bill. Don’t forget about timing, if included in the contract, the final bill is due before the wedding. If not, at the end of the reception.

How far in advance to book wedding venue?

Generally, you should plan to book your wedding reception site at least a year to nine months before your date. That means you should probably start researching and touring a month or two before that.

What to look for in a wedding venue?

You should understand your vision of the perfect wedding and then try to find a place which suits well for this plan. So be very attentive about things like size of the location, indoor and outdoor space, you’ll want to know if the venue’s close to any public transportation, or if there are cab or driver services in the area for guests to use, don’t forget to check recommendations of this place. And remember this place must be really comfortable to make your plan of the ideal wedding work.