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The Reed House at Live Oaks

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Nestled in Jackson, MS, The Reed House at Live Oaks is an event venue located at Live Oaks Golf Club. The flexible indoor and outdoor spaces are ideal for a variety of wedding themes. The picturesque grounds are dotted with majestic trees that are more than two centuries old, creating a memorable setting for “I dos.” The versatile venue lets couples intending on a small wedding as well as those planning large galas to see their vision come to fruition. The Reed House at Live Oaks is peacefully situated on over 130 acres of golf course property. Kyle and Kathryn Morris chose to built the venue around the original site of the clubhouse and a large cluster of the unique live oak trees. They named the venue after Kyle’s mom, Jean Reed Adams. Kyle’s memories of the golf course go back to his childhood and he still enjoys playing golf with members and his friends. The location’s past has many memories for lifelong golf members throughout the grounds and is reflected in the way it has been designed. Strolling the wonderful grounds at The Reed House at Live Oaks is no great issue, thanks to the heel-friendly walkways. The landscaping adds a sense of sophistication and makes wandering the grounds outdoors enticing to all who visit. The trees form a whimsical canopy that has been accented with lights for lovely formal evening events. The exterior covered pavilion as well as other entertainment spaces can accommodate very large number of guests for an event. The overall atmosphere of the locale is elegant and suited to events held throughout the year regardless of weather or seasons. The pricing includes many amenities for events that can add to the vision and planning that goes on for all events in details that were thought out and considered. Remember that the event will go on even if the weather does not cooperate due the the indoor and outdoor options available, and always have a Perfect plan A and Bad weather Plan B. Looking forward to sharing many celebrations, dreams and visions of beauty in the years to come. You are Invited.

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