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Hi, I’m Sophie (she/her)! I’m a Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician & Studio Owner with an inclusive and pro-science approach to beauty.

My business, Sophie Marcs Beauty Space, provides makeup and skin care services for couples, femmes & themmes!
I specialize in day-of wedding makeup, adult acne facials, and curating customized beauty regimens for marriers!
Inclusivity is one of the pillars of my business! For me this means:

  •  Gender-inclusive language
  • Being affirming of my clients’ identities and personal definitions of beauty
  • Stocking makeup for all skin tones

When it comes to skin care, I’m a total nerd! I’m always researching and testing products and gadgets to take the guesswork out for my clients!

I’m truly interested in developing relationships with brides & marriers beyond just the day of their wedding. I want to share all my knowledge with you so you feel extra special and amazing on your big day, and are empowered to keep practicing self-care afterward!


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