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Here at Harvest House Bridal, I specialize in one of a kind alternative custom wedding dresses. I’m all about theatricality and personal identity. A wedding is a show; It’s Your show, and you and your partner are the stars! No wedding is just a wedding, and no dress is just a dress. This is your fantasy, your dream, and I’m here to help make it reality. I consider historical inspiration and corsets to be my specialty, but as a working costume designer, I also specialize in designing personalized outfits of all styles, for all body types, and all genders. You have your own beautiful, individual style, and I want to work with you to capture that!

I’m based in Seattle but I work with clients from all around the country. When I work with a client it’s one on one, whether in person or remotely, discussing the possibilities and hashing out the details. Every garment is one of a kind and completely customized to your needs. I offer a personal experience of working directly with you to create a design. Together we can collect inspirational images, make a vision board, draw sketches, and whatever else it takes to create a vision that you’re excited about. I love when you have an idea that I would have never thought of, and then I go figure out how to make it happen. I’m perfectly happy buried under a pile of tulle, submerged in a dye job, or hand stitching until my fingers turn red. I love the work. But what I love more is working with a client in love. In love with their partner, in love with themselves, and in love with their vision. That’s you. So let’s do this!


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