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Nice to meet you! We are Olya and Seryozha, a creative tandem of photographers from Moscow.
In our photographs, we strive to combine the purity of the frame and the emotionality of the moment. After all, shooting for us is not just about arriving, taking a few shots and leaving. This is an important creative process for us, for which we will prepare together with you so that during the shooting process you feel cozy and comfortable.
Naturalness, beauty, sincere joy, the moments when we feel beautiful and loved, the family that is next to us, the hugs of friends, laughter and tears of joy – more often than not we want to stop these very moments of our life and it is them that we want to remember again and again …
I fall in love with every couple I work with and try to preserve your memories with loving eyes. Therefore, I am gladly ready to capture you and your emotions in those frames that you will be looking at with warm smiles in a few decades!


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