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Hey, I’m Boris!
I live north of San Francisco with my wife Sophia, our sons Jacob and Gregory and a wild dachshund named Fry. We like to say that he’s named after Fry from Futurama or that we got our inspiration from a french fry.

I love photographing people and documenting life. It is my passion. People were always my main source of inspiration. Human stories always fascinated me. Everyone has their story, one that creates individuality, their face, their expression. Face alone can hold life’s experience.

When I first started taking photos, I never aspired to be a wedding photographer. Photojournalism and editorial work are what I pictured myself doing. I worked with magazines for some time, shooting editorial assignments. And I still do. For me, inspiration and ideas come from my exposure to these other forms of photography and every time I shoot a wedding, I am not just capturing beautiful emotional images with great light and composition. I try to tell a story. I try to make my photographs feel like stills from a movie. And my experience helps me try something new every time and grow as a photographer.


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