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Phija and Micaela – Long Distance Relationship

The beginning of the story

They met on yahoo answers which is like OG Reddit when they were 16. They started talking over email, they had a lot of common interests like motocross and sports. They did long distance till Phija was 18, but Micale would drive 6 hours to come visit Phija for a few hours sometimes because that was all she could get away with, with her parents being unaccepting. They had to sneak around a lot.

two girls walking

First Date and First Impression

Phija’s impression: “Wow, she was beautiful, strong, brave. I loved her as a person and as a best friend. I know from the day I saw her I would marry her and be with her forever.”

Micaela’s impression. “I was very nervous, anxious. We lived a State apart. So I had driven there to see her. And catfishing is real! But luckily I wasn’t catfished! She was beautiful and kind.”


Start Dating

After met online they did long distance for two years until Phija moved out when she was 18 to be with Micaela.

First Steps

First “I Love You”. Micaela said “I love you” first! It was one-time Phija got in trouble with her parents for being gay and they were going to take her phone away for god knows how long; so Micaela told that she loved her in case she didn’t hear from Phija for a while. Of course, Phija told her the same and she truly loved her.

First Kiss. The first time they met after being long distance they had their first kiss! After Phija ran to Micaela and gave her a giant hug first! They kissed on a hotel stairway.

Difficulties with recognising as a gay couple with parents and friends

Phija’s father was a pastor. Her parents were very religious and did not accept her at all in the younger age. After they found out about Phija and Micaela they tried their hardest to keep her away from Micaela, limit her contact by taking her phone her computer. Phija wasn’t allowed to go out much either. But they always found a way to see each other. Micaela would drive 6 hours just to see her for a couple hours if she could.

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But now their parents are supportive. But it was a long hard road. Sometimes it’s still hard. But they told them they were engaged and they support them, they love Phija and Micaela unconditionally. They came a long way from the beginning. Their friends have always supported them!


They both call each other poodle for some reason. Their nicknames always change we’ve had probably over 100 nicknames.

Weird habits of each other

Micaela likes to keep things very clean. And Phija is notorious for leaving things scattered about. “Dropping where she stops”


Phija’s friend Penny, is a photographer and she has done photoshoots of them before. Reached out to Phija and asked if they’d be willing to do a shoot for her page, that she would be doing other couples too,  and that it would be in Sedona, which is one of Phila’s favourite places. So of course, they agreed! They started taking photos, the first ones were of Phija by herself but little did she know, Micaela was behind her maybe 20 feet away waiting on one knee.


Penny told Phija to turn around and then she saw Micaela!! She was so surprised! Phija definitely cussed a lot haha she asked her to marry her and of course, she said yes. They were both shaking with Adrenalin.

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Phija: “It was the best day of my  life, we had come so far in almost 10 years, I finally get to marry the girl of my dreams and I couldn’t be happier.”

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