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preston bailey and theo bleckmann


Celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey married Theo Bleckmann in the wedding of their dreams late night, just after midnight on Valentine’s Day 8 years ago. The couple tied the knot on the top floor of the Empire State Building, in a ceremony officiated by Joan Rivers, who got ordained online for the occasion.

The King Kong-themed celebration prompted Bailey to tell People’s Suzanne Zuckerman: “We love the imagery of the films but King Kong has a tragic ending. We wanted to create a happy ending.”

preston bailey and theo bleckmann

To keep guests’ energy up for the late-night ceremony, the grooms provided a plethora of coffee, chocolate and champagne.

Celebrity guests included Martha Stewart and NeNe Leakes. (Zuckerman reports that “Bailey is planning the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s upcoming nuptials to ex-husband Gregg.”)

Only Bailey, Bleckman and Rivers walked down the aisle after guests were seated, with Bailey coming in last, appearing out of a 12-foot-tall sculpture of a bridal gown which was custom created by designer and guest Reem Acra, who also designed Bailey’s custom tuxedo.

The pair finished the ceremony with a kiss and then the Jewish tradition of breaking a wine glass (River’s idea, Zuckerman reports), and then the after-party was underway with Starlight Orchestras serenading. Bailey wanted to skip a sit-down dinner, so they went for a “hot, fabulous after party” so they could “celebrate until 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.”
Martha Stewart and her staff created the favors: a mini-bottle of Chandon sparkling wine and a chocolate heart in honor of Valentine’s Day.
Preston and Theo ceremony

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